Your foot bounces off the pavement with the lighter, springier midsole of men'sGEL-CUMULUS® shoes. This men's running shoe gives your push-offs a little extra power. As underpronators (also called supinators) tend to be susceptible to shock-related injuries like stress fractures, you should choose a neutral running shoe for men with plenty of cushioning, like the GEL-CUMULUS® model for men.

What is the benefit of the GEL-CUMULUS® model? The GEL-CUMULUS® shoe places the emphasis on rearfoot and forefoot cushioning to provide added shock absorption without sacrificing running efficiency. There’s also high-carbon rubber in high-wear areas of the men's GEL-CUMULUS® running shoes to improve the life of the shoe. Not sure if the GEL-CUMULUS® model is the perfect fit for you?

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